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Got a question about coaching? Here are the answers some of the questions I get asked most often.

Are you taking on new clients?

Yes, I can take on new clients however I do currently have a small waiting period for initial consultations for adult clients (aged 18 +). 

How much does coaching cost?

Fee rates effective from 1 April 2024:

Initial Consultation (75 minutes) - $200 plus GST

Standard Consultation (55 minutes) - $180 plus GST

Group Coaching - $595  for 6 sessions (icl GST)

What is an ADHD Coach?

An ADHD Coach is someone who works with you to understand how your ADHD is presenting and where it is stopping you from reaching your goals.

Coaching is a partnership where we work together to tease out where there are barriers getting in the way of you achieving your goals. The beauty of a specialist trained ADHD coach is that they have a deep understanding of the different types of ADHD (hyperactive, inattentive or combined) combined with skills of a life coach and can work with you to identify this for yourself through education and self-compassion.

Coaches will partner with you to develop strategies on how to work with your ADHD to achieve your goals. We know tips and tricks but many people coming to coaching have tried these as there are so many books on ADHD and the internet has a myriad of ideas, but many people have a hard time implementing them, so we look at customising different strategies for you and ways to make sure they work.

And often we arrive at the realisation that while tips and tricks look easy enough, what we need to decide is much bigger. Do I want to adapt myself to fit into the environment I am in, or do I want to adapt my environment to support me as I am?

**spoiler alert, working on the latter is truly awesome and gets the best results.


What sorts of issues do people bring to coaching?

Many people come along to coaching for help with setting up routines and ways of coping with daily tasks and organisational skills.  Parents will often enlist the help of a coach to teenagers to assist with homework and study routines and ways to stay on top of everything. Some of the most common areas clients bring to coaching are:

  • Organisation skills

  • Time management

  • Procrastination

  • ADHD education

  • Personal development

  • Parents of children with ADHD

  • Future Planning

  • Adults with a recent diagnosis

  • Young adults with ADHD – setting up skills around managing life outside home for the first time

During the first session we will usually talk about your overall goals and current strategies to work out what you want . For many bringing something to work on to coaching can be overwhelming and they don’t have clarity on what that is, so that can be the first goal we work towards.

Coaching will always be a partnership of equals. We really work together.


How long does coaching take?

  • Regular coaching sessions are 55 minutes.

  • Initial consultations are 70 minutes.

Most clients book for an initial period of 6 sessions to allow enough time to gain momentum and see tangible change. Your pace and rate of change is individual and will be agreed upon based on your unique circumstances. 


We encourage you to book a regular recurring day and time for 6 appointments to get started and to ensure you secure an appointment, there is no obligation to continue coaching and you can cancel should you change your mind.

Do you offer face to face or onsite coaching?

No. All coaching is via Zoom or similar video conferencing.


Can I claim on Medicare or private health insurance?

No. There is no rebate available for coaching.


Do you work with other professionals?

Absolutely. While I work as a sole practitioner I am happy to provide updates to your Psychiatrist,  Psychologist or General Practitioner. I encourage you to attend regular medical appointments with your treating practitioners to monitor your health. ADHD Coaching is not a substitute for medical or mental health treatment.

Do you have availability to coach my teen child?

Teenagers attending coaching must have a formal ADHD diagnosis.

Please note that there is limited availability for after school hour appointments

When isn’t coaching appropriate?

It is very important to note that Coaching is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. There are times when coaching is not an appropriate course of action.

  • Clients with comorbidities such as moderate to severe anxiety or depression with active symptoms should obtain clearance from their current medical practitioner before commencing coaching. Coaching is not the same as working with a psychologist, psychiatrist, or other qualified mental health practitioner.

  • Clients must want to and agree to attend sessions. In the case of adolescents and children this means you can’t ‘drag’ your child along or trick your child to coming or continuing coaching. Jane is happy to meet with you child for an initial session where the child is not under duress but will not book further appointments with children who really do not want to attend.

  • While coaching is great for issues such as organisation, procrastination and attitudes to schooling and studying, it is not a tutoring service.

  • Coaching is not a substitute for marriage or family counselling.

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