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Group Coaching


Jane has 20 years of experience in facilitating groups training and coaching as she is a qualified adult educator working in the Corporate Legal Sector prior to becoming an ADHD Coach (Certificate IV Workplace Education and Training, 2004, and RMIT Grad. Certificate in Industrial Education and Training, 2006).

  • Group Coaching comprises of groups with a minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 participants

  • Groups sessions will differ in structure to individual coaching sessions as Jane will set the agenda and there will be a fun and dynamic structure to sessions. Don’t worry, you won’t have to bare your soul or worry about any other person monopolising the group with their issues. Our groups have a clear purpose and will enable all participants to leave with some clear strategies feeling supported and validated.

​Group ADHD Coaching will differ to the individual one on one sessions as Jane will set the topic and agenda for each session. The typical structure will be:

  1. Introduction to the topic

  2. Spotlight on - one participant will be hold the spotlight and give an example of where the days topic has impacted their life. All the topics will be sent in advance so you aren't literally put on the spot and if you want to sit this topic out you can. There will never be any pressure put on anyone.

  3. Group discussion

  4. Wrap Up

  5. Intro to next week's topic


Group 1 commences on Wednesday 19th June, 2024  from 1pm to 2pm (AEST)

Group 2 commences on Monday 24th June, 2024 from 7pm to 8pm (AEST)

Price - $595 (inc. GST) per person for 6 sessions*

Early bird discount - book and pay in full by 29th May for a $55 discount 

A deposit of $200 is payable on confirmation of your place in the group.

*All 6 sessions must be purchased and attended as a package

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