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Meet The Team

Picture of smiling woman (Jane Horan) in from of indoor plant

Jane Horan 

Jane is a Certified ADHD coach based in Melbourne, Australia.

Like a lot of women with ADHD Jane wasn't diagnosed until her early 40's after one of her children was diagnosed. While her child's diagnosis wasn't a shock, it wasn't until then that Jane started to see many similarities in symptoms and the every day challenges that they both shared.

Her story of ADHD will be familiar to many adults who weren't diagnosed until later in life, particularly in the area of study and career. Forever feeling like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole, Jane's diagnosis opened up a new way of life where she finally understood where her ADHD was holding her back and how to go about making sustainable changes to achieve her goals.

Jane completed her ADHD Coach training with ADDCA (ADD Coach Academy) New York.

Prior to becoming an ADHD Coach, Jane worked as a Corporate Technology Trainer in the Legal Industry for 18 years.


Jane currently works with both teens and adults to develop strategies that support their goals and build self-confidence.  Jane also supports parents who are struggling to adapt around the constant demands that caring for children with additional needs brings.

Jane offers compassionate, strength based strategies that educate her clients about their unique blend of ADHD. 

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