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Being an ADHD Coach is not just a fantastic career, it's also a great honour. I get to meet fantastic people who come to me at one of the most vulnerable times of their lives. Here are some of the kind words that some clients have been generous enough to share about my coaching.

Kylie H.

Working with Jane has been a game-changer for my teenaged daughter, who is autistic and has challenges with executive functioning. Jane has coached her through her VCE, building her capacity with  planning her time and energy; task activation; maintaining focus and task completion. Most importantly, Jane has coached her to celebrate her wins, and to reflect back on those wins when anxiety about the next challenge becomes overwhelming. Thanks Jane for enabling our girl to thrive!

Ellen G.

Working with Jane has been incredibly helpful. She’s helped me create strategies that work for me, and thanks to her help I have achieved better time management skills and self image. ADHD coaching has made my life better.

Adam B.

I was diagnosed with ADHD in my early 30s and found that medication alone was not enough. My fiancé found Jane and suggested we give it a go, as we were at our wits end with trying to run a business, manage day to day household tasks and getting upset with each other. 

Since having regular online Zoom meetings with Jane, it has helped not only my work life but also my personal life in less than 6 months. I am now able to organise my business and personal life a lot better throughout the day, have more time to spend with my fiancé and not feel so overwhelmed at the end of the day. Jane has been absolutely fantastic, she has allowed my fiancé to also join in on the zoom meetings so that she can understand what I am going through with ADHD and identify what the issues are.  

Jane is very easy to talk to and relatable with most of the things I go through throughout my day. I would highly recommend Jane to anyone who is struggling with managing their ADHD


After the challenges of an adult ADHD diagnosis, it's really hard to know what to do next, and medication is helpful but doesn't solve every problem. I found Jane to be extremely helpful because she uses her life coaching training and her Lived Experience with her own neurodivergence to work through things with you. Jane discusses things with you in a way that helps you to discover the root of issues, and then come up with a unique solution that suits your brain, lifestyle, and needs best.

Zac E.

Jane has been a great help with managing my ADHD and autism and communicating with me in a way I understand. She’s really helped me achieve my goals and has truly set me up for life.

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